Day 9 – Walk by Faith #30dreamdays

6 Sep

In January 2011 I completed an exercise that asked for My Big Dream and said have fun with it!  I went looking for this document during this 30 Dream Days Challenge to see what I wrote.

MY BIG DREAM (as of January 2011)

Write a #1 Bestseller (or many) while traveling the world “aimlessly” for at least a year.  Aimlessly really means led by God, so aimless to me but divinely destined and revealed to me as needed.  Now that’s what I call adventure!


It’s a bit fuzzy but that’s me on the right. I don’t do thrill type adventure well as you can see.

Writing a book is still one of my dreams, probably still the biggest as I know it would be a major undertaking.

For me, the part that has become easier over these last few years is the aimless and divinely destined part.   It is a walk by faith.

I don’t need to know every detail of where I am going, I just need to know the next step.  I am confident that when I take that step, I will know the next step after that because my perspective has changed, and I can see things differently from that new vantage point.

Too many people are scared to make mistakes or think the bottom will fall out of their whole life.   They get stuck.

I have had some rough patches but my faith in God and His love for me has grown so strong that I operate as if the whole world is stacked in my favor.

I also know that no matter what happens to me God can redeem it for my benefit and for the benefit of others.

Consider the quote I chose.  How many of you would have chosen Helen Keller’s circumstances willingly?  Her life was redeemed and she overcame her circumstances.  And now people like you and me get to be inspired by this story.

I have a theory that we can not truly appreciate goodness unless we have experienced tragedies, bad circumstances etc.  So I choose to be grateful even for the negative things in my life because those things allow me to appreciate the good things that eventually come even more.

With this kind of faith, it is easy to take the next step and trust that I will recognize the steps that lie ahead.  I continue to get better at it daily.   And without getting stuck in fear I am able to enjoy the adventure and make incredible forward progress…and so I will write a book (or more) one day.  Since I’m a recovering perfectionist, I no longer care if it is a #1 Bestseller…just that it impacts some people’s lives for the better.


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