The Challenge is a community of people sharing their DREAM OF THE DAY as part of an individual commitment to passionately envision a whimsical dream even if for just ONE DAY.  Do that DAILY for 30 days and YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

Something inside YOU changes even IF nothing AROUND you does.  But it really is impossible for NOTHING around you to change IF you’ve changed on the inside.

Your passion will bubble up even if it is just a teenie weenie bit, but people notice.  They FEEL it, even IF they don’t think it.  And it affects them and MAY in some small way impact easily 500-800 more people simply by that person posting on Facebook, Twitter…you get the point?  That can start a movement.  That can start a revolution.  A revolution of more hope.  This world, our generation, needs more hope.

JOIN US!!  Take the challenge.  You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain…and we need YOU.  We need you to come fully alive!


Please follow this blog and like us on Facebook.  And encourage your friends to do the same.   The encouragement I got from the very first friend who took the challenge and through all of the others who have yet to, is so rewarding and motivating.  There is power and strength in numbers.  You can help each other and help me spread this message as well.  That’s a WIN WIN WIN and I like it!


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