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Nicole Colter is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching and learning.  After being self-employed for over 13 years she is currently reinventing herself.

Now pursuing her Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, she is also exploring “What might be all the ways to change the world?”

She has been inspired by the conversations happening about the future of education.  In 2009, The World Economic Forum’s Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs report called upon the education systems of the world to infuse entrepreneurship education at all grade levels and in 2016 their Future of Jobs report identified Complex-Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Judgment and Decision Making and Cognitive Flexibility as 4 of the top 10 skills needed by the year 2020.  She hopes to one day help traditional K-12 schools move in this direction toward models that nurture the natural curiosity of children and protect and develop their creativity until graduation.

Nicole currently offers services to anyone looking to make significant changes through creative problem-solving facilitation, creativity training and/or dynamic change coaching.  She helps clients clarify their vision or challenge and to work through the transformation and implementation stages so that effective change can become reality.

Below are some articles related to creativity with my comments in case anyone else is interested.  Feel free to ask questions or add to the conversation in the comments section.

The Psychology Behind Messy Rooms: Why The Most Creative People Flourish In Clutter – Duh…I knew that!!! Now there is proof that there is a method to my madness

Secrets of the Creative Brain – The Atlantic – July/August 2014 – Explore the connections between creativity and mental illness




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