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Day 2 – #30dreamdays

30 Aug


Originally posted on Facebook on 8/29/13 at 11:59pm

So I finally sat down at 11:15 to start writing my DREAM of the DAY and I spent the last 15 minutes thinking up and reserving a new domain name www.30dreamdays.com.  I haven’t set it up yet but I reserved it and now in this post I will reveal my Day 2 Dream….{drum roll please}…BLOGGER.  Blogger at 30dreamdays.com.  A website where people share their DREAM OF THE DAY as part of an individual commitment to passionately pursue a WHIMSICAL dream even if for just ONE DAY.  Do that DAILY for 30 days and YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!  Something inside YOU changes even IF nothing AROUND you does.  But it really is impossible for NOTHING around you to change IF you’ve changed on the inside.  Your passion will bubble up even if it is just a teenie weenie bit, but people notice.  They FEEL it, even IF they don’t think it.  And it affects them and MAY in some small way have an affect on easily 500-800 more people simply by that person posting on Facebook, Twitter…you get the point?  That can start a movement.  That can start a revolution.

Am I going to start a revolution?  Maybe not…but PROBABLY.  I may start with the negative but I am always more positive in the end…because I CHOOSE TO BE.  So my conclusion is I will PROBABLY start a revolution one day.  Is that today?  Who knows!  Does it matter when?  Hoping and believing it WILL bring me MORE overall enjoyment than the object of my hopes and dreams.  At least that is how it is for me because I am a VISIONARY.  I SEE things as they COULD be, how I DREAM they one day WILL BE and I am able to VISUALIZE what can bring that desired end result about in a detailed but DEFINITELY NON-LINEAR way and then I START.  I will START something in less than 15 minutes usually when I have these “creative bursts”.  Everything starts to FLOW and I can spend HOURS upon HOURS just IMAGINING the WHOLE thing…so very detailed.   I work at it, this THING, this IDEA…I work at it and at it for HOURS UPON HOURS and I can put a great detailed yet RAW picture of the vision into the written word and SHIP that to someone else who can RUN with it or not.   Businesses would pay me to SHIP these works of art to them on a X # of times per year basis.  Some may be genius and some may be TOTALLY UNDOABLE, but the overall ROI for my services would be so astronomical that it wouldn’t matter if only ONE idea per year actually was implemented.   And the BEAUTY of this for ME is that I DON’T EVER HAVE TO IMPLEMENT.  I’m GREAT at implementation but I don’t LOVE it.  I CAN do it but I don’t WANT to.  And sooooooooooooo much more time is spent in implementation which is what has made me struggle MORE and MORE to stay focused once a new idea is birthed and taken it’s first breath.  At that point, it CAN keep itself breathing on its own.  It needs a mom and a dad and other grown-ups (or siblings) but even a newborn baby was designed to keep itself alive.  That’s what I do.  I design ideas.  I paint pictures with words and a multi-dimensional work of art.  I do that.  Almost everyday.  Great ideas just rush over me NON-STOP.  Imagine how hard this makes focusing on implementation or day to day stuff.

I know that I can use the gifts and talents He has given me and REALLY make a difference.  I mean REALLY make a difference.  And I can see a long detailed series of non-linear maneuvers I must make.  And non-linear means that I can never tell if I am closer to THAT step or closer to another step so it isn’t always easy to CREATE my life daily but I do it…and enjoy it.

So I will make a difference.  I will create my life.

And I will Thank My Heavenly Father DAILY for being the font that my life is written in.

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