Day 24 – Infectious Hope #30dreamdays #infectioushope

20 Sep

HopeMosaicMost of the time I live in a state of great anticipation.  I believe that good things are going to happen and that I can find a way to fix or accomplish anything I set my mind to.  I do not see obstacles the way some people do.  I recognize their existence but believe there is always a way around them.   They are not final.  They do not get the last word.

On the 3rd day of this challenge I engaged in a Facebook Messaging discussion with my friend April Heavens-Woodcock about HOPE.  That is what this whole challenge is about.  The discussion turned into a back and forth about the power of hope.  Below is an excerpt of that exchange.

HOPE permeates it all
hope floats
hope moves people
hope sustains people
hope motivates
hope heals
hope creates
hope is everlasting
hope waits
hope is patient
hope is kind
hope does not boast
hope is binding
hope is blinding
hope is visionary
hope is artistic
hope is melodic
hope is persuasive
hope is not coercive
hope is precious
hope is fulfilling
hope is passionate
hope is real
hope is perseverant
hope lives
hope breathes
hope sleeps…sometimes
hope is peace

That is where we ended and you begin.

I’m going to keep this post short because I believe that HOPE IS INFECTIOUS.  I encourage you to SHARE this post with your own HOPE statement and the hashtag #infectioushope.  I look forward to seeing how many people we can infect.

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