Day 16 – Looking for LOVE?

13 Sep

LordI have struggled throughout this day to think about what to write because the last thing on my mind today has been dreams.  I pushed through yesterday feeling the loss of 9/11 but today was a new day.  But I awoke to the news that a member of my church, a young man who was only 20 years old, died in a motorcycle accident last night.

He only joined our church about a year ago.  He was about to “pop the question” to our Pastors’ daughter and now he’s gone.   As a mom, it is hard for me to imagine the pain of watching your daughter as she wrestles with this unbearable loss.

When I asked her mom if there was anything I could do, please let me know…she said with a shrug “bring him back”.   If I could, I would.

So I would ask you today to tell people how much you love them.  Tell them how much they mean to you.  How they have impacted your life.  How you like being around them.  How you are looking forward to years of friendship.

As for me…I love my husband and my kids.  I can’t imagine life without them.  I love my church and the family that we are.  I don’t know what I would do without them.  We came together tonight at the request of this young lady, who in her darkest hour, wanted to be surrounded by her church family.  That’s where the LOVE is.

Go find yourself a church family like that.   I can’t imagine going through something like this without Jesus and my church family.  If you want to experience LOVE like you never have before, come visit MY CHURCH this weekend.  Sure there will be grief in the air but there will be HOPE…there will be FAITH and there will be LOVE and an abundance of it!!!  There will be more than enough to go around for you too.  And I bet you have LOVE to give as well, right?

Our weekly service is at 9:30am, followed by Life Groups that start around 11am.  You are all invited!  The more, the merrier…seriously.  Especially at a time like this.

Norwich Worship Center, 165 Lawler Lane, Norwich CT 06360  – 860-822-9522


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