Seth Godin: Send Yourself Fan Mail

2 Sep

Go write YOURSELF some Fanmail!
When I go looking for inspiration I am never let down. I just posted a Fanamail Blog Post to one of my sources of great inspiration, Seth Godin and I see found this great blog post on “conversation is an engine” and wanted to share it with you.

conversation is an engine

On Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

There’s a fascinating chapter in Paul Watzlawick’s The Invented Reality (NY: Norton, 1984) on Self-fulfilling Prophecies. Those are the statements someone makes and then the world seems to change and grow into it. Watzlawick cited the situation in March 1979 when California newspapers made “sensational pronouncements of an impending, severe gasoline shortage,” which fueled (haha) an actual shortage. Looking back, there had been enough gas to meet the need, but the dire pronouncements changed buying behavior (people topped off tanks and hoarded gas) and so the shortage was born.

Watzlawick also cited the famous “Oak School Experiments” (eliciting the Pygmalion Effect) where teachers’ expectations of their students were tampered with using so-called intelligence tests. Though the students were actually picked at random, the teachers’ high expectations elicited stellar performance from the (purported) high-achieving students.

One of the more famous examples of self-fulfilling prophecy is that of…

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2 Responses to “Seth Godin: Send Yourself Fan Mail”

  1. kirkistan September 2, 2013 at 11:25 pm #

    Hey! Thanks for the reblog!

    • Nicole Colter September 2, 2013 at 11:33 pm #

      You are welcome! I enjoyed reading it and hadn’t read the “send yourself fanmail” on Seth’s blog so thanks for sharing that information.

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