30 Dream Days Challenge #30dreamdays

30 Aug


Do you have a dream? Find Mentors, Get Coaching

This was first started on August 28, 2013 before I started this blog.

30 day challenge:  I’m going to post an outrageous dream daily on a whim!  When I think “would i like doing _____?” I’m just going to ponder that publicly here.

So this started with watching the MLK Dream Speech and after many other random connected thoughts I think “Would I enjoy being a speech writer/collaborator?” – MY ANSWER…Probably.

Not sure there is a current speech writer/collaborator demand in the market but we rarely think about what we are missing BEFORE we realize we’ve been missing it.

SO TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO CURRENTLY MAKE SOME MONEY AS A SPEAKER OR FOR THOSE WHO MIGHT ONE DAY DREAM OF DOING SO, WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN A Speech Writer/Collaborator?  Like I would be readily available to review my client’s last minute hair brained ideas of what they were going to say in their Keynote at the Conference the next day.

I only work with clients who REALLY care about what they do.  I mean REALLY!  Your passion is how I figure out what you SHOULD/COULD say and what current or historical connections can you make and thinking about the target audience and how you want to enlist them to help you spread your ideas.

I would do this for people who REALLY care about what they are doing and who I deem a good investment of my time.  If you convince me, let’s negotiate how to make SOMETHING work.  Who cares if it has never been done.  TRUST.  Client relationships (friendships) built on TRUST.  UNWAVERING.

My thoughts explode thinking of the potential for improvement/revolution in the social/business/family lives of people WAY beyond my small circle of influence AND the financial gain for both me and my client.

I welcome the creative muse of a hard and fast CREATIVE deadline…my BEST work is RAW…if you can take a RAW piece of diamond and like a jeweler, polish and cut and smooth, I’m your girl.

Thinking about that job just gets me juiced!!!  Pumped up, spinning, on FIRE and Hopeful.  WOW!!!  That’s what DREAMS can do.  [That was all inner emotions, I present as fairly in a daze a lot of the time…aka deep thinking].

I know there are other dreamers out there.  Who wants to take this challenge with me?  If so, post on FB, Twitter etc and use #30dreamdays and I want you to help me put #30dreamdays and dreaming back in the forefront of people’s lives.

(Please note, NO ONE IS going to condemn you if you start the challenge and can’t complete it EVERY day…if YOU thought at one point during this post “Would I enjoy being a ______?  TAKE THE CHALLENGE.  Regardless, I implore you to please SHARE and HELP ME do this…Thanks…and I hope you enjoy the RIDE.

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